How To Structure Your University Assignment

Posted: November 21, 2016 to Essay writing assistance
Content how to structure your university assignment

You might want to just sit down and start hammering out your assignment, but that way you'll miss out on all important marks. Instead, the best Australian students do well by planning out the structure of what they write. It'll make the process easier and result in a much better written essay. Here's some academic tips to get the best results.

The basic outline

A very basic plan of your essay will look like this:

- Introduction: What the essay is about

- Main content: The main argument of your essay, with the evidence needed to back it up.

- Conclusion: A summary of what you've talked about.

Start by brainstorming

To get good assignment structure you need to brainstorm first. With the assignment brief, sit and write down all the ideas you have. The more, the better. You'll be able to narrow them down later. While you're doing this, note down any sources you could use, as it will make it easier to insert them into your essay later.

Create your outline

Now you have your ideas, start working on your assignment writing structure. A good plan starts with the basic bones written down. Then, you can start filling in the blanks. You don't have to be linear, so work out what the main arguments will be first, and then work from there. You can fill in the introduction and conclusion later.

Define your topics

Each paragraph should introduce a new topic in good assignments. As you're drafting, work out what each main point of your paragraphs are, then write a topic sentence that sums them up. If you're struggling with this, look up an example that's similar to your essay. There's plenty online so you can see what good assignments look like.

Link it together

Once you have your plan, start writing your essay so you can start linking all these ideas together. You can make changes to the initial plan, if you feel that it doesn't work properly once you've started writing. Many students in Australia have found that the plan makes the actual writing of your essay a whole lot easier.

And there you have it. A good plan allows you to corral your thoughts together before you even put pen to paper. Try out these tips the next time you have an assignment, and you'll get the best grades possible on your work.