Money Back Guarantee – Money-Back Policy

Requests for refunds are quite rare, and refunds are only issued under certain circumstances. The reason for this is that customers have the right to request revisions to their products until they have achieved satisfaction with the final product.

All customers have the right to review their final products and to request revisions within 7 days of receiving their final products. Revisions may be requested after the 7-day deadline, but fees will be attached.

Our mission is to achieve full customer satisfaction, and that is why we have a strong revision policy. However, there are some circumstances in which a refund is warranted, and this policy exists in order to describe those circumstances.

Customers are urged to review this policy so that they understand when and if they are able to request and receive a refund. Each request for a refund is handled individually based upon the specific circumstances of the order, the process, and the delivery.

What follows are the specifics of our money-back policy.

Errors in the Ordering Process

Customers complete their own order forms on the company website. They must fill in all form fields with detailed information, because these details are used to assign writers to writing tasks.

Once the order is received and payment has been received, the company sends a verification email to the customer. This email also contains the order details. It is the customer’s responsibility to review his/her order details and to make sure they are correct.

If a customer realizes that there is an error in the order details, it is his responsibility to notify the company immediately so that those details may be changed.

If errors are not caught and the company moves forward with incorrect information in the completion of an order, that order may indeed be wrong. There will be no refund issued to a customer whose errors have resulted in an incorrect product. We are happy to correct the problems, but there will be additional fees assessed.


Orders Cancelled

Of course, there are times when customers may have to cancel an order. The following policies shall apply when this occurs:

  1. If the customer cancels an order before it has been processed and assigned to a writer, a full refund shall be provided.
  2. If the customer cancels and order following processing and assignment to a writer, a full refund cannot be provided. The writer has already begun work on that order and must be paid for the time spent to the point of cancellation. The company will assess how much work the writer has completed and will authorize a partial refund based upon that assessment.
  3. No refund shall be issued once an order has been completed. The writer has finished the work and must be paid.

The company reminds customers that, when they receive a refund, they may opt to place that amount in their accounts to defray the costs of a future order they will place.

Order Duplication

When an order is duplicated by a customer, our system almost always detects that and notifies the customer of the duplication. Through communication with the customer we are able to correct that error and cancel the payment for the duplicate.

Should a duplication slip through our system without detection, the customer can correct the situation by contacting us immediately. The customer will then be asked to send us the receipt emails for each of those orders, so that we may then cancel one of them.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check for a duplication and to notify us immediately.

Full refunds will be issued for all duplicate orders.

Inability to Locate a Writer

We have always been able to local appropriate writers, because we have spent years accumulating an exceptional and highly qualified research, writing, and editing staff.

On just a few rare occasions, a writer has not been available to assign to an order. Because we do not assign writers who are not fully qualified for a task, we cannot fulfill that order. When this occurs, we notify the customer immediately and issue a full refund.

Again, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

When Deadlines are Missed

Customers provide their deadlines on their order forms, and the company is committed to meeting those deadlines. We only assign writers who assure us that they can meet those deadlines. However, deadlines are missed on some occasions. When those happen, we have refund policies in placed based upon individual circumstances.

  1. If a missed deadline is our fault, then we will make it right for the customer with a pro-rated refund and a hefty discount coupon for the next order. The only time we have missed a deadline that is our fault has occurred when there has been an emergency with a writer. If we need to assign another writer, we notify the customer and do so immediately
  2. If a missed deadline is due to a customer failing to respond to requests from the company of from his writer for additional information or clarifications, then that customer is responsible for the delay that results. We will not provide refunds when delays are due to customer neglect.
  3. Technical issues do occur, and these are beyond the control of the company and the customer. For this reason, refunds cannot be provided when outages or provider issues occur.

Quality Issues

When a customer is not satisfied with the final product, we have a revisions policy in place. Customers may request changes to that product until they are satisfied.

Customers have 7 days to review their products and to request revisions at no charge. Customer must do this in order to avoid additional fees for revisions. When they wish revisions, they provide the details and the writer completes those changes quickly, so that deadlines are not impacted.

Customers also have the option to request a different writer to complete their revisions, and we are happy to accommodate.

Should a customer request a refund based upon his assessment that the entire piece is not satisfactory, we will, of course, investigate this claim. The customer must provide details of his/her displeasure. Our quality control department will review the written piece and make a decision. If we issue a refund, we also take ownership of the piece and have the right to use in any way we wish.

If there is any part of this policy that you do not understand, please get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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