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Assignment Writing: We Turn Knowledge into The Written Word

The art to Australian assignment writing, like anywhere else, is knowing how to pull thoughts and ideas from your head and turn them into compelling prose. A good writer can make the ideas bounce from the page, bringing them to life before your very eyes. They can use their words to convince even the most staunch believer in the opposite idea that they are in fact correct.

It sounds hard right? Well, like any process, writing well can be broken down into stages, and those stages can be tackled one at a time until you have your completed essay. If you are looking for help with assignment writing, Big Assignments is the best place to be.

We brake down assignment writing into three basic steps:

Step One - Research and Outline

Firstly, you need to know what exactly the question is that you’re answering. Write the key part of the question separately to the main bulk of the question. Decide on what you would like your essay to show. This is what you will research.

The depth of the research you will need to do will depend on your academic level. If you are a high school student, you will need much less detail than if you are at university studying for your master’s degree or doctoral qualification or at college as an undergraduate or graduate. Read the accompanying notes and see how many marks are available to get a better idea of the level of depth expected from you.

Once you have gathered all of your information (don’t forget to keep a note of your sources for your bibliography and citations), think about the structure of your paper.

Keep it simple – introduction, main body which is broken down to a paragraph or two for each point, then a conclusion.

All good written assignments start with a good outline. Highlight your key points and make sure the flow is good.

Step Two – Writing Your Assignment

Your assignment writings should come together in a cohesive, logical manner by following your outline. Make sure you include enough detail. Good Australian writers don’t use more words than they need to cover each point, but they make sure all of the detail is there.

Your introduction should be a brief statement explaining what the paper will show. The main body of the piece should be used to show whatever you described in your introduction, and your conclusion should round essay off explaining that you did indeed show what you aimed to.

Step Three – Edit and Proofread

Now the write an assignment step is completed, read back through your essay. Look for any points that don’t make sense, any overly complicated sentences and anything that is missing. Also, make sure your essay flows well, and follows a logical structure. Reading your essay out loud can help with this.

Finally, proofread your essay to make sure that all of your spelling, punctuation and grammar is top notch.

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