3 Easy Ways To Get Hard Assignments Done
June 20, 2017
Medium 3 easy steps to get assignments done

Even the most proficient students sometimes get assignments that baffle them. They can be done, but they feel as though they're going to be a long, hard slog. If you have an assignment like this, don't panic. Here are three easy ways to help you get that difficult assignment done.

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10 Essay Tips For International Students In Australia (Part 2)
June 13, 2017
Medium 10 essay tips part 2

Here's the second part of our tips for international students. Essay writing is a skill, and every student needs to master them. With these tips, you can write essays that will get you the grades you need.

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10 Essay Tips For International Students In Australia (Part 1)
June 02, 2017
Medium 10 essay tips part 1

Essays are a part of every student's life, but for international students in Australia they can pose an extra challenge. If you're unsure about how to write yours, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

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How To Structure Your University Assignment
November 21, 2016
Medium how to structure your university assignment

You might want to just sit down and start hammering out your assignment, but that way you'll miss out on all important marks. Instead, the best Australian students do well by planning out the structure of what they write. It'll make the process easier and result in a much better written essay. Here's some academic tips to get the best results.

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How To Make An Attractive Assignment
November 21, 2016
Medium how to make an attractive assignment

The first question you don't ask yourself, when you get your college assignment brief, is how to make my assignment attractive. You're usually too focused on just getting the essay written. However, you should keep that question in the back of your mind. The more attractive your essay is, the more likely it is to get good marks. Here's a few ways to make your assignments more creative and engaging.

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Assignment Writing Format Guide
November 21, 2016
Medium assignment writing format guide

Many Australian university students struggle with the format of assignment for college. There's a lot to keep in mind when you're trying to get your essay together. Here's a useful how to guide you can use the next time you need to put an assignment together.

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