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Infant and Child Development 311


October 11, 2021


Macroeconomic Policy Changes

Research Paper

September 04, 2021

Written very well and mastered the project on the first try.



July 01, 2021

Excellent job! I got a 98% on my paper!

Plan for the Future - Portfolio Project

Term Paper

June 30, 2021

From the professor: you did not meet the expectations in the following areas: Your paper does not meet the min required length when formatted correctly. An 8 page paper means 8 full pages of content at a minimum. Do not count the title, reference, and appendix pages in this amount.

How the Kansas-Nebraska Act added to the tensions between the North and South


June 16, 2021

This was very well written. Met and exceeded my expectations. Thank You



May 25, 2021


Difference Matters


May 18, 2021


When is it necessary to begin the planning stage of the hiring process, when there is a specific job vacancy or before? Please include the pros and cons to your argument.


May 14, 2021

Thank you.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Al-Qa'ida attack on New York and Washington rank as the two most costly intelligence failures in U.S. history. Write a paper that compares and contrasts these two events. In what ways can we say that each was a failure of intelligence?

Research Paper

May 04, 2021

The essay looked good



March 16, 2021

I scored 9/10. Thank you writer

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