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What new types of painting in art was introduced during the Progressive Era (late 1890s - 1920)? What was different about these types of art in comparison to previous generations?


August 02, 2021

Thank you!!

Operational Art in the Battle of la Drang Valley


July 14, 2021

Did an excellent job for me on this paper!

Mary Wollstonecraft

Research Paper

June 27, 2021


How the Kansas-Nebraska Act affected the tensions between the North and South

Research Paper

June 16, 2021

Well done!!. This met my expectations and was given good marks.

'Justice is what is in the interest of the stronger party' : Discuss


April 15, 2021

got the highest grade!

Mountain top removal

Research Paper

April 06, 2021

Great work really appreciate it

Comparative Politics/ Theory and Practice


February 23, 2021

Outstanding work!!!!!!

Psychological Perspectives education early years


February 10, 2021

good writing 2:1

The purposes of this paper are to promote understanding of and insight into personal values and beliefs, the differences between notions of care and professional practice, and the interplay of values and evidence in one's professional practice and provision of care.


January 30, 2021

Thank you so much

Effective communication is essential to all aspects of managerial and professional social care work, discuss.


December 05, 2020

Hi there thank you for completing the essay I was just wondering if perhaps there could have been more critique in the essay? also in relation to the conclusion I was hoping that there may be not as much emphasis on cultural communication but to include everythin....that was mentioned in the main body.

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